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Nedbank Payments API

Access Nedbank's payment functionalities and move funds in no time. Start sending and receiving money today with our secure transfer fund capabilities that will grow your business and attract more customers.

Key features

Track and trace

Visibility of the status of payments. You will be able to view the status of a particular payment at any time.

Convenient and flexible

The EFT Payments API will provide clients with an alternate payment mechanism to card payments and provide a secure alternative to Third Party Payment Processors (TPPP’s) to their existing screen scraping solutions. We will offer a secure alternative to online EFT payments for Ecommerce users, from onboarding, billing, settlements, reconciliation and support.

Move money instantly

Send and receive money to and from any bank account.  Move money instantly between Nedbank accounts.

Create a chatbot that interacts with our Payment API.

By accessing Nedbank Payments infrastructure, you could create a chatbot that allows your customers to make payments by sending a text message to the bot!

Ready to test Nedbank Payments?

You would like to use this API and are ready to start creating. Click the button below to view the documentation.

Feeling a little unsure? No problem. We understand and we’re here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us!