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3 Get Consent ID


Using the ConsentId you received in the previous call, proceed to make a get Consent Id call to receive Consent ID status using the endpoint and values below.

Method GET
Note Replace <CONSENT_ID> that you get at the time of creation of consent.
Header Value Description
Content-Type application/json The data type being sent to the endpoint.
x-fapi-financial-id OB/2017/001 Financial ID.
Authorization Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN> The access token you received from the previous call. Replace <ACCESS_TOKEN> with the access token you received.
x-ibm-client-id <YOUR CLIENT ID> The client ID you received when creating the app on the portal.
x-ibm-client-secret <YOUR CLIENT SECRET> The client secret you received when creating the app on the portal.
Response JSON
    "Data": {
        "ConsentId": "01HCY05JA2ENJQ2GQXQH0NSG5H",
        "Status": "AcceptedSettlementCompleted",
        "CreationDateTime": "2022-12-28T05:09:46+00:00",
        "StatusUpdateDateTime": "2022-12-28T05:09:46+00:00",
        "ReadRefundAccount": "Yes",
        "Initiation": {
            "InstructionIdentification": "abc112",
            "EndToEndIdentification": "def123",
            "InstructedAmount": {
                "Amount": "55.60",
                "Currency": "ZAR"
            "DebtorAccount": {
                "SchemeName": "Profile",
                "Identification": "d16a3c533d71f49ae628bf7cf7993c1b"
            "CreditorAccount": {
                "SchemeName": "SortCodeAccountNumber",
                "Identification": "1987651009427726",
                "Name": "ACME Inc",
                "SecondaryIdentification": "1009427726"
            "RemittanceInformation": {
                "Reference": "ba5a937d",
                "Unstructured": "Instant EFT - Test"
    "Risk": {
        "PaymentContextCode": "EcommerceMerchantInitiatedPayment",
        "PaymentPurposeCode": "EPAY",
        "MerchantCustomerIdentification": "1234567891",
        "ContractPresentInidicator": false,
        "BeneficiaryPrepopulatedIndicator": false,
        "BeneficiaryAccountType": "Business",
        "DeliveryAddress": {
            "AddressLine": [
                "25 Queen Victoria Street",
                "Acacia Lodge"
            "StreetName": "Kromdraai Road",
            "BuildingNumber": "25",
            "PostCode": "7872",
            "TownName": "Hout Bay",
            "CountrySubDivision": "Gauteng",
            "Country": "ZA"
    "Links": {
        "Self": "",
        "SCARedirectURL": ""
    "Meta": {}

You now have a ConsentId ID. Take note of it as you are going to use it in the next call.