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3 Redirect to Personal Loans Portal.


Redirect the user to the Personal Loans Portal to complete the loan process. You'll have to pass the query parameters below to redirect.

URL query parameters
Param Value Description
amount <AMOUNT> The requested loan amount. The value of amount entered by user must be greater than or equal to 1999.
productcode <PRODUCT_CODE> 1146
callback <CALLBACK> Your callback url. This is used to redirect the request back to you once the loan process has been completed on the portal.
intentID <SUBSCRIPTION_ID> The subscription ID that you received when doing the create intent step.
target <TARGET> The name of your business.

Response status

The process will redirect the user to the url provided in the 'callback' parameter. A status param will be attached to the redirect url, as in the sample below. There are two status messages you can get: STATUS_SUCCESS to indicate that the loan process was successfull and STATUS_FAILED to indicate a failure. Let’s assume your callback url was '':