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8 Cancel an application seed


Cancel an application seed for the specified application seed identifier.

Only application seeds that are created by/linked to your client id can be cancelled.

Header Value Description
x-ibm-client-id <YOUR CLIENT ID> The client ID you received when creating the app on the portal.
x-ibm-client-secret <YOUR CLIENT SECRET> The client secret you received when creating the app on the portal.
Query parameters
Parameter Value Description
applicationseedid <THE APPLICATION ID> The application seed identifier for the application seed to be cancelled
Response JSON
    ApiResponseOfBoolean {
        data (boolean, optional), This value indicates whether or not the cancelation has succeded
        metaData (ApiMetaData, optional)
    ApiMetaData {
        code (string, optional) = ['R00', 'R01', 'R02', 'R03', 'R04', 'R05', 'R06', 'R45'],
        debugInfo (ArrayOfString, optional),
        detail (string, optional),
        message (string, optional),
        name (string, optional, read only)
    ArrayOfString [string]