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2 Get Balance


Using your clientID and clientSecret (which you obtained when you created an application), you will make a Get request using the endpoint and values below to get the Third Paty Provider account balance details. Only Third parties can make use of this operation to check whether funds are available in their account to make the purchase.

The Amount value that is passed during Purchase calls should match with the value received in Get Catalogue step and greater than or equal to the Amount received during this call. Otherwise the purchases would result in "Payment has failed" errors.

Method GET
Header Value Description
x-ibm-client-id <YOUR CLIENT ID> The client ID you received when creating the app on the portal.
x-ibm-client-secret <YOUR CLIENT SECRET> The client secret you received when creating the app on the portal.
Response JSON
    "AccountId": "1011657775",
    "Amount": {
        "Amount": 25845.12,
        "Currency": "ZAR"
    "CreditDebitIndicator": "Credit",
    "Type": "InterimAvailable"