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Create an app on the portal

Now that you have registered, and you have a working activated account, you can go log in to the portal and then create an app. The app on the portal is a representation of the app in which you intend to use the APIs.

1 Login into the developer portal

You must be logged in to create an application in the portal. When you are logged in, you will see your email address and developer organisation on the navigation bar.

2 Click on 'My applications'

Once you are logged in, a 'My applications' link will appear on the navigation bar. Click on the link and you will be directed to the applications list page. There you will find a 'Create application' link. Click on that link.

3 Application details

After clicking the 'Create application' link, you will be presented with a form that you must complete. You are required to enter 'Application name', 'Application description', and the application's redirect url. Enter the details and click 'Create application'.

4 App credentials

Once the application is created, you will be given a client id and a client secret. These two values are required when you make the API calls. Please make sure that you copy your client secret and save it somewhere safe as it will not be visible again on the developer portal.