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API Postman Collections

To start consuming our APIs, you will need the following:

Nedbank Setup:

  • Access to the API Marketplace Developer Portal
  • An application registered with the following configuration:

Field Description
client_id The client secret you received when registering the app on the developer portal.
redirect_uri URI that is provided while registering the app.

  • • Note: Please copy and save the client_id and client_secret somewhere as client_secret will only be visible during the app creation. Incase client_secret is lost, it needs to be reset.
  • • Important: The application must also have a subscription to the API products you wish to consume.

More information regarding the above can be found at:

Postman Setup:

Visit the Postman website to download and install Postman.

If you need any help or want to learn more about Postman, you can visit Postman Learning Centre by clicking link.

Import the Nedbank Postman collection

  1. Click here to download the Nedbank Postman collection
  2. Open the desktop version of the Postman application and select the workspace you would like to import the collections into.
  3. Select Import as demonstrated below and choose the downloaded Nedbank Postman collection.

  4. You should see the imported collection in your workspace as below.

  5. Before using the collection, replace CLIENT_ID/CLIENT_SECRET (as illustrated below) with your client_id/client_secret (see table above).

  6. Now you can run the Postman collection.
    For illustration purposes, we have also included sample request and response in the Postman collection – see below: