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13 Request Heavy Token


Using your clien ID, client secret, and subscriptionID, make this call to request a heavy token.

Method POST
Authorization Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN> Replace <ACCESS_TOKEN> with the access token you received from the Light Token step.
x-ibm-client-id <YOUR CLIENT ID> The client ID you received when creating the app on the portal.
x-ibm-client-secret <YOUR CLIENT SECRET> The client secret you received when creating the app on the portal.
Content-Type application/json The data type being sent to the endpoint.
x-nb-subscription-id <Subscription ID> The Subscription ID you received in the create intent call. For QRcode Payment Submission, replace with the Subscription ID you received in the Get QRcode step.

  "Message": "testing",
  "Channel": "412",
  "WalletID": "55"
Response JSON
    "AuthUrl": "",
    "CallbackId": "9836979c-4077-4fef-977b-ca271967b0e0",
    "Status": "PENDING"

NOTE : The callbackId will be needed to poll for the result on the next operation

Authorisation Response status

The redirect_uri is an optional query parameter.If it is passed to the AuthUrl that is retrieved in the response then the process will redirect the user to the url provided in the 'redirect_uri' parameter. A CallbackId and status will be appended to the redirect url, as in the sample below. Let’s assume your AuthUrl was '':